Direct Mail & Digital Ads Perfected

400+ local election wins Two dozen national awards

Direct mail & digital strategies uniquely crafted for your campaign

Never Cookie-Cutter

Customized political direct mail and digital ads require persuasive messages, tightly written copy, and powerful graphics.

Target voters with precision Copy that persuades voters Graphics that grab attention

Win with Precision

Political strategy is the foundation of every winning campaign.

We pioneered local election targeting

We identify voters who will decide your election, especially in local races where even high propensity voters skip casting a vote.

We personalize your messages

We have decades of experience telling our candidate’s stories and presenting compelling ideas.

We grab voters’ attention

We have earned 24 national POLLIE awards – the Oscar of politics – for creative excellence in campaign design.

We are Precision politics

Nationally recognized campaign strategists. Roger Lee and Marc O’Hara have decades of award-winning direct mail and campaign management experience at the federal, state, and local levels – winning upsets from city council to the US Senate.

Local election experts.  We have managed hundreds of political campaigns for mayor, city council, school board, and judicial offices. Local elections have their own rules and rhythms. We know how to win!


Marc O'Hara

33 years of strategic success. Marc O’Hara founded Precision Politics in San Francisco in 1989. Marc has earned 11 POLLIE awards - the Oscar of Politics for creative excellence in campaign advertising.

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Roger Lee

Roger Lee

The media has called Roger Lee a “revolutionary strategist,” “political wizard,” and “campaign guru.” He has a campaign win record of 94%.

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